Slice of the Pie Fundraiser Guidelines

*Guidelines may vary by location


  • LaRosa’s fundraiser events are for non-profit organizations such as school organizations, church groups, sporting groups, charitable groups, scout troops and many more! You must present LaRosa’s with your Tax ID number prior to scheduling.
  • Applications are available online or the Pizzeria may be able to help and take your information and process the application for you.
  • Applications for your fundraising event should be turned in at least one month ahead of time to you time to get the word out about your fundraiser day! The more people you get the flyers out to means more proceeds for your group!


  • The General Manager of the location will work with you to choose a date that accommodates your schedule as well as that of the Pizzeria
  • Flyers will be emailed to the contact person prior to the event date. We recommend emailing them to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else you can think of! You can even print the flyers out and pass them out to everyone in the grocery store—we just ask that you please not pass them out at our stores.
  • A week prior to the event the General Manager will check in to make sure everything is on track and to get an idea of the turnout so that they can staff appropriately.


  • Guests must present the flyer to the delivery driver, server or counter person in order for the fundraising group to receive the proceeds from the order.


  • The General Manager of the pizzeria will contact you once the check has been processed.
  • From the sales generated during your fundraiser day your group 10% of the proceeds! However, if your group is able to generate $2,500 in sales LaRosa’s will donate 20% of proceeds. Here’s something to keep in mind if you’ve got a goal to reach:

Keep in mind that the average family spends $20 at LaRosa’s. If you have a goal of $500 you would need to invite roughly 125 families if the pizzeria is offering 20% of the proceeds.
The whole idea of the fundraiser is to have fun while raising money for your group! Talk with each person and pick a time for everyone to meet at the restaurant so you can all enjoy the night together. Or you can organize with friends and go in small groups. If you can’t all make it into the Pizzeria remember we deliver or you can pick it up.
There’s nothing better than spending time with friends and family and letting LaRosa’s do the cooking!

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