Slice of the Pie is an all-day fundraising event thrown by you at your neighborhood LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria. While you and your friends enjoy delicious food, we help you raise money by donating a portion of your sales to your cause. Come join us in one of our 64 dining rooms, or we can bring LaRosa's to your school, work, or home.
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  1. Your group picks a day (Sunday through Thursday) to throw the event at your neighborhood LaRosa’s pizzeria.
  2. We’ll provide a flyer that you photocopy and pass out to family and friends.
  3. Supporters will turn in their flyers on the designated day of the event (dine in, pick up, or delivery).
  4. We’ll donate to your organization a percentage of all food and beverage sales brought in by your group on that day.
LaRosa's Donation or Sponsorship
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