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About the Program

Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, you can pick the reward option that works best for you, and we're making things faster for teachers, students, and parents!

Here's What's New This Year:

After you register online, you'll have the choice between three options:

  • Individual free small pizza certificates
  • (NEW!) a pizza party for your class
  • 30 pencils

If you select individual free pizza certificates, you'll be able to customize the certificate for up to 15 students immediately online, then print or email them to the student or parent to use by the expiration date. After January 1st you can log back in to print up to 15 more.

Selecting pizza party, allows you to request up to four Large 1-topping pizzas for a classroom pizza lunch. Just choose your date and time and hit “submit” then one of our guest service representatives will follow up with you to confirm the order details.

If you select pencils, we'll send you 30 pencils to hand out to your students whenever you decide to.

(Note: Homeschool educators will have the choice between 4 free pizza certificates or pencils).